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The Department of Planning and Development balances the needs for regional development with the safety and needs of the community and its residents. We meet these needs by adopting and enforcing community standards, ordinances, and codes approved by the Board of Supervisors. We issue and monitor permits for various activities, from parades to building to mining, to ensure compliance with these standards. We also investigate any reported violations of these codes.​​​​​

The Organization

Building Inspection
Maintain a safe community standard in buildings by making sure they are compliance with current code.

Code Enforcement
Protects the quality of life in the unincorporated neighborhoods of Santa Clara County by educating and by enforcing the current codes and expectations of the community.

The County Surveyor's Office
Help to ensure professional surveying and mapping services, in order to safeguard property and public welfare.

Fire Marshal
Protect lives, property, and the environment through education, plan review, inspection, and enforcement in the community.

Land Development Engineering
Review the design and construction of land development projects for compliance with County and engineering standards.

Plan and regulate land use and development within the unincorporated portions of Santa Clara County.

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How to get to our offices during our normal business hours.

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Item Contact information for the staff within the Department of Planning and Development.

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