Inspections and Inspection Requests

Inspections and approval by a County Building Inspector are required for all work being done with a permit. The County provides next day inspections for requests received before 3pm on regular workdays. Requests received on weekends or County observed holidays will be entered on the next regular workday and scheduled for the following workday or later depending on the date you request. You may request inspections up to five days in advance.

Building Inspections can be requested in one of three ways

NOTE: Fire Prevention (FMO) inspections for construction projects, please call 408-341-4420

To schedule an inspection you must have the following information:

  • The permit number
  • The inspection code(s) for the inspections you need (e.g. FI01 Project Complete)
  • The name and phone number of the person who will be attending the inspection


Scheduling Inspections for Projects with Multiple Permits


Original Permit – The first permit issued for a project. These permits will have no suffixes.

Revision Permit – A permit issued that alters the scope of the Original Permit. These permits will end with a suffix (example DEV23-0000-REV1).

Deferred Submittal Permit – A permit that issued for work that was required but not included in the Original Permit, such as Truss calculations for a new structure, fire sprinkler systems, pv solar for new dwellings, etc. Deferred Submittal Permits will also have a suffix after the original permit number (example DEV23-0000-DEF1).

Mobile Inspection App - Request Information screen

Example – Mobile Inspection App


For projects with multiple permits (original, revision, deferred), you must request each permit separately. When you need multiple inspections (example rough frame, rough electrical, rough plumbing, etc.) you must request each inspection that you would like the inspector to perform. The best way to request multiple inspections is to use the Mobile Inspection App.

Building Inspectors schedule their inspection routes based on the inspections that have been requested for a given day. If you do not request all the inspections you need, you may have to reschedule for another day as the inspector may not have time in their schedule to add additional inspections.

To close out a permit and avoid costly delays and administrative fees you must request final inspections (FI01 Project Complete) inspections for all related records.

NOTE: The Mobile Inspection App allows you to request multiple inspections quickly and easily in a few quick clicks on your mobile device.


  1. Work must match what is shown on the approved plans
  2. If the actual conditions of the job are different than what is shown on the approved plans OR you are unable to follow the work on the approved plans you will need to notify your design professional and have them revise the plans and submit them to the County for approval BEFORE calling for an inspection
  3. Please do not cover ANY work until it has been approved by a County Building Inspector
  4. Make sure the work is COMPLETED and READY for inspection before requesting an inspection. Not being ready for an inspection can result in reinspection fees and project delays.
  5. Make sure you are scheduling your inspections on the correct permit. For example, if you have a deferred submittal permit for roof trusses you need to schedule the roof frame/roof nailing inspection on both the original permit and the deferred submittal permit.


Mobile Inspection App and Virtual Inspection

I’m a Contractor or Homeowner, what do I have to do?

  1. Get the app
  2. Create an account
  3. Sign in
  4. Request an inspection in-app


What inspections can I request to be virtual?

List of inspections that may be requested to be done virtually​.


Can I use the Mobile Inspection App to request face to face (in-person) inspections?

Yes, the Mobile Inspection App allows you to easily request inspections from your mobile device. The app also allows you to schedule multiple inspections for the same permit quickly and easily.


I have the app, created an account, and am signed in, now what?

  1. Request an inspection in the app

    If you are unable to use the Mobile Inspection App, you can instead use the Insite Public Portal or call (408) 299-3161 to schedule with our phone system.

  2. Test your internet connection at the inspection site.​



    The inspector will call the contact person that was identified when making the inspection request the morning of the inspection with a time window.

    You will receive notifications via email and/or text with the inspection time window after the inspector assigns an inspection time.

    If you schedule inspections with the Insite Public Portal you will have to request each inspection separately.

    To schedule multiple inspections at one time you will need to use the Mobile Inspection App. The Insite Public Portal only allows you to schedule one inspection at a time.

    Mobile Inspection App users - If you are cancelling an inspection before 8am the day of the inspection you can simply use Mobile Inspection App to cancel your inspection. After 8am please call 408-299-5700 and cancel your inspection with one of our staff so they can notify the inspector.

    Insite Public Portal users – If you are cancelling an inspection before 8am the day of the inspection you can go to the Insite Public Portal and select inspections tab click on “Actions” to the right of the inspection(s) you with to cancel and select “Cancel”. After 8am please call 408-299-5700 and cancel your inspection with one of our staff so they can notify the inspector.

    Inspection requests by phone – Call 408-299-5700

    YES, the contractor or designated representative who is familiar with the project must be present. If the inspector has questions about the work being inspected and the person who is designated to stand the inspection cannot answer the question it may result in a correction notice and cause delays.

    You need to have hard copies of the approved plans, the permit card, any correction notices from previous inspections, and where required field reports from special inspectors, soils engineers, and the engineer of record. Please note that if you do not have the approved plans available when the inspector arrives they will not be able to conduct any inspections and you will need to reschedule the inspection.

    You need to have the building setback certification form at the first foundation inspection

    The Fire code requires that a water source for Fire personnel must be available within 150’ of any part of a structure. The Fire Marshal’s office must inspect and approve your Fire water source before requesting a foundation inspection where the construction materials are combustible.

    NO, where a structure is built using non-combustible materials the requirement for approval of the wharf hydrant or other Fire water sources can be done prior to FINAL inspection.

    The rule of thumb is to call for an inspection before you are ready to cover your work.

    Example#1 - you are building a new house or addition, the foundation and/or piers should be inspected when the excavation is complete, forms are up, and steel reinforcement is in place.

    Example #2 - When you are installing electrical or plumbing underground you would dig your trench and install the underground conduits and/or plumbing pipes and then call for an underground inspection.

    Example #3 - You are doing a remodel you should call for an inspection after the new framing, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical roughs are complete and you are ready to cover with insulation and/or sheetrock.

    Reroof projects require a progress inspection at approximately 50-75% completion and then a final inspection when all of the work is complete.

    Building Permits are valid for 12months from the date they are issued. When you pass a building inspection (approved or partially approved), the permit expiration date automatically extends for six months. If no inspections are approved within 12months of the permit issuance date the permit will expire, and you will need to apply for a new permit. If no inspections are approved for six months after an inspection has been approved the permit will expire and you will need to apply for a “Permit to Complete” the expired permit.

    Login to the Insite Public Portal and lookup your permit. The expiration date can be found under “Record Info” 🡢 ”More Details” 🡢 “Application Information” 🡢 “Issuance and Expiration”

    Video Tutorial - How to check Permit Expiration Date

    Inspection app being used

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