Covid-19 Department Response

​​​Please note:

The County of Santa Clara has jurisdiction over Unincorporated lands.

Due to the need for Department staff to support the County’s efforts addressing the increase in COVID-19 cases, we have less resources to support Department operations. Please expect a delay in our services during this time.

Covid-19: Operations and Services

In accordance with the County Health Officer’s October 5, 2020 Order Establishing Revised Mandatory Risk Reduction Measures Applicable to All Activities and Sectors to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD), is providing online / electronic and virtual services to the public. When remote online / electronic virtual services are not achievable the DPD office is open by Appointments only.

The DPD is providing the following online / electronic services:

Public Inquiries

  • Email our Permit Center at [email protected] and our permit technicians will respond to you
  • Schedule a virtual public counter consultation to schedule a videoconference meeting with our professional staff (Planning, Building, Geology, Environmental Health, Roads, Fire Marshal) to discuss your questions.

Submit a Planning or Development Application

Automatic Extensions of Time for Planning Applications, Building / Construction Applications and Permits

Extensions and fee waivers have been granted to Planning Applications, Building and Construction Applications and permits for the approximately three and a half month period (March–end of June) when construction activities were limited by the County’s Shelter in Place orders and the Department provided limited services and electronic services to support the processing of land use and building permit applications. They also account for the relatively slow re-start of business for the design and construction industry. The three-month extension will apply to all land use applications and building permits that were active between March 17, 2020 and July 1, 2020. An Off-Agenda Memorandum​ to the Board of Supervisors describes these extensions.

  • Planning Application Resubmittal - Automatic extension of three (3) and a half months (105 days) (without penalty fees).
  • Building and Construction Applications and Permits - Automatic extension of time of three (3) and a half months (105 days) (without penalty fees)

Schedule an Inspection

Schedule a Building or Grading Inspection

**NEW** Advisory Regarding Revised COVID-19 Mandatory Directive for Construction

The DPD will provide construction and building inspections services in compliance with the Public Health Orders.

In Person Services

Please note: The Department DPD is currently undergoing facility modifications to allow in person services to the public, in adherence with the required Social Distancing protocols. This website will be updated once these modifications are installed and in person services are available.

Santa Clara County Public Health information about Covid-19

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department continues to work closely with healthcare providers, hospitals, and its partners to address novel coronavirus. The Health Department is taking action to protect the public and keep the community informed.

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