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Plans must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, sheet size 18”x 24” minimum to 24”x36” maximum.  Plans (site plan, floor plan, elevation) shall be stapled as sets, and folded to 9 x 12 inch size.  More detailed application instructions

Additional Information and Materials that May be Required

Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination

Required if subject parcel is under a Williamson Act contract.  It is strongly suggested that this determination be applied for and resolved prior to application submittal.  An additional fee is required. 

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan-Coverage Screening Form

If the subject property is located within the Habitat Plan Permit Area, submit a completed Coverage Screening Form. The Coverage Screening Form will assist in determining if the proposed project is classified as a “covered project” under the Plan. Projects in certain Private Development Areas will require calculations of the permanently disturbed or impervious surface areas. If the project is identified as a “covered project” per the Screening Form, submit the Fees and Conditions Worksheet with the application.


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