Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duct Extinguishing System Submittal/Inspection Requirements


A labeled photo of a hood and duct

Submittal Packet


When submitting Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duct Extinguishing System plans for review a minimum of the following items shall be submitted with a complete application and associated FEES:



    • Name of owner
    • Name of designer and contractor with State Contractor’s License number
    • Address
    • Vicinity Map
    • North Arrow
    • Date
    • Revision number and date (include clouded changes for resubmittals)
    • Legend
  2. Kitchen Plan View (scaled) For Each Protection Hood:
    • Drawing scale and dimensions
    • Hood and duct, size and material
    • Nozzle locations and type
    • Fusible links and temperature
    • Piping runs & sizes, hanger locations
    • Appliances and equipment
    • Location of cylinder
    • Gas valves, electrical outlets
    • Location of alarm connection
    • Manual Pul
  3. Details
    • Isometric piping diagram, indicating pipe length and diameter
    • Pipe hanger detail(s)
    • Distance to various appliance surfaces



  1. Agent calculations in accordance with appropriate NFPA 96 standard for proposed system (UL 300)

  2. Manufacturer's installation data sheets for:

    • Protected appliances

    • Cylinders

    • Fusible links

    • Distribution piping

    • Fittings

    • Nozzles

    • Hangers

    • Valves

    • Automatic and manual activation


Inspection Requirements

The following inspections shall be scheduled and satisfactorily conducted. 

All inspections shall be scheduled and attended by an employee of the installing contractor.

  1. Bag/balloon test or equal—automatic (fusible link) and manual actuation.
  2. Rough piping installation (pipe size/material, hanger location, link, nozzle type and location) will be inspected at the time of functional test.
  3. Finish inspection, to include:
    • Container inspection
    • Nozzle type, location & spacing verification, (caps)
    • Appliance location
    • Type K extinguisher installation
    • Signage and labeling
    • Functional test of all components including alarm, ventilation, electrical and gas shut-down, automatic and manual release 

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