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General Permit Submittal Information

Please choose the appropriate permit application form for your project. The form must be filled out completely and accompanied by required plans, fees, documents, etc. before we will consider your submittal to be complete.

The Fire Marshal's Office reviews plans on a first-come-first-serve basis, and submittals will not be "in line" to be plan checked until they are complete.

Please allow a minimum of 30 days to process and plan check your submittal.

It is required that a licensed contractor sign the permit application form for a Fire Alarm submittal (C-10), Automatic Fire Sprinkler System (C-16) or Underground Fire Service Piping (C-16, C-34 or A). Exception: Residential Wharf Hydrant Piping.

An owner-builder installing a residential fire sprinkler system (NFPA 13-D) may do so if they qualify.
NOTE: Both an "Owner/Builder Declaration" and a "Workers' Compensation Declaration" form, must be included with your submittal. 


  1. Please print/write legibly so we can read your application.
  2. Fire Marshal permit application items that are often missing:
    • Cross Street - to help our Deputy find your job site
    • Responsible person - the property owner
    • Applicant's signature and date
    • Contractor's Workers' Compensation policy number and company name NOTE: All contractors without Workers' Compensation Insurance must fill out a "Workers' Compensation Declaration" form for each submittal.
  3. Fees are due with your submittal.  See, "Fees ", for fee charts.


Stanford University Project Submittals

Stanford University requires that all projects on campus be pre-approved by the Stanford Fire Marshal's Office (SUFMO) prior to submittal to our office. If your plans are missing the SUFMO seal we cannot accept them.

EXCEPTION:   A concurrent plan check may be arranged upon request by the Stanford Fire Marshal's Office.  In these cases no stamp will be required. NOTE: The Applicant makes this request directly to SUFMO.

  1. Include building name, building number and address information on permit application.

  2. See, "Permit Application Forms & Specifics" above.

  3. See, "General Permit Submittal Information," for useful information & tips.


Permit Application Forms & Specifics

Click the appropriate title below for submittal information and a PDF Form:

  1. Fire Protection Systems Permit Application
  2. Hazardous Materials Permit Application
  3. Fireworks Permit Application
  4. Special Event Permit Application
  5. Tent/Canopy Permit Application

A line has been added to our permit applications for your EMAIL ADDRESS. In an effort to help your project move ahead with as few delays as possible, should your original submittal not be approved, we will e-mail these comments to you, cutting the turnaround time on your re-submittal.


Fire Protection Systems Permit Submittal Specifics 

REQUIRED ON APPLICATION: Enter your job locations APN/Assessor's Parcel Number. Go to Find Your Jurisdiction for step-by-step instructions


Along with a completed Fire Protection Systems Permit Application submit the following:

  1. Contractor's State License number and type must be on application.
  2. Submit a minimum of three (3) sets of plans.

  3. Include the following as applicable: 

    • Hydraulic calculations

    • Seismic bracing

    • Load calculation

    • Equipment Specifications

    • Manufacturer cut sheets

    • State Fire Marshal Listing numbers

    • Required for all new RESIDENTIAL sprinkler submittals: a copy of the APPROVED SITE PLAN (Not the septic plan) from the APPROVED Building Permit drawing set (full size sheet). 
      The Required Sheet Shall Include: (1) Water Tank & Fire Hydrant location (if applicable) and (2) Fire Marshal's Fire Sprinkler Requirement Stamp(s)




See, "General Permit Submittal Information," at top of page for useful information & tips.


Hazardous Material Permit Application Specifics


Along with a completed Hazardous Material Permit Application submit the following:

  1. Submit a minimum of three (3) sets of plans.

  2. Include the following as applicable:

    • Sizing bracing

    • Load calculation

    • Specifications

    • Manufacturer cut sheets

    • State Fire Marshal Listing numbers

    • Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement

  3. See, "General Permit Submittal Information," at top of page above for useful information & tips


Residential Fire Protection Water System Permit


As of July 1, 2010, a permit from the Fire Marshal is required for residential tanks and/or wharf hydrant systems. We have included this in the Building Permit process so that a separate submittal to the Fire Marshal is not necessary to make it easier for our customers.

  1. A Fire Marshal Permit, along with a list of permit conditions, will be issued with your Building Permit.
  2. Fire Marshal fees for your Water System Permit will be paid to the Building Office when you pay your Building Inspection Fees 
  3. When ready for an inspection of your water system call the Fire Marshal's Office to schedule (click on link for details). Please give our staff your Building Plan Check number for reference.
  4. The following tests must be observed during your inspections:
    • Pressure test of the piping. (System must be pressurized 2 hours prior to the inspection at 50 psi over working pressure at the lowest point against a closed valve at the tank) 
    • System flush (with valve open)
    • Flow test (must have water flowing across the full diameter of the outlet when the valve is fully open)


    • A reinspection fee (As of July 1, 2010, $543.00) will be charged if your system is not ready for inspection upon the arrival of your Inspector.
    • The system must be approved before the foundation inspection.


Frequently Asked Questions PDF:  



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