Digital Document Review FAQ

    Our dedicated Permit Center Staff have prepared numerous application checklists​ to assist in submitting the right information on the first submittal.

    In order to assure submittal of all documents necessary for efficient County review, the Department would prefer that all documents be submitted through the Permit Center counter on a thumb drive.  Your Permit Center Professional will review your application and assure that all review items needed are in the submittal package.

    On-line permit applications are limited maintenance (re-wire, re-roof, etc.) type permits only.  Complex Land Use, Grading, Drainage, and Building permit applications will be included in the future for submittal through the Insite Public Portal (IPP).

    Yes. Just create an account through the Insite Public Portal (IPP) at

    Once the user login account is created, specific information required during the registration process is sent to Permit Center Staff.  After receiving the above information, the staff member will link the online user account to the appropriate permit record to be visible on the public portal.  These actions are required to provide digital security and permissions to the user.  Once these mandatory actions are completed, the registered users should be able to efficiently perform tasks such as online payment, documents submission, view project status, inspections scheduling, etc.

    In the Planning Office, consistent with the State Permit Streamlining Act, a completeness determination needs to be made within 30 days of the application acceptance date.  If the application has been deemed complete, Planning Staff have other deadlines associated with State and Local Ordinances. 

    In the Development Services Office, depending on workload, comments are expected within 4 to 6 working weeks for first submittals, 2 working weeks for resubmittals and revisions to approved permits.  These timeframes are guidelines only and based upon our best estimates of regular workflow.  Individual review times may vary due to the complexity of the individual project and complexity of the department’s workload.  

    Your project is important to us.  Our highest priority is to maintain public health and safety during and after construction.  Staff works diligently to get all reviews completed efficiently and effectively.  Though the dates shown in the public portal have been exceeded, these dates also provide a priority for our reviewers to get all review work completed in a complex review environment.  Your patience is appreciated.

    It is important that you provide a valid e-mail address you review regularly, and a current phone number on your contact information.  Once the review is completed, an e-mail correspondence will be sent to both you and your design consultants.  This message will inform you to review the drawings on the IPP and will provide a list of other comments from the supplementary reviewers.  You will be allowed to download copies of the marked drawings and comment sheets.

    The Planning Office does not accept any resubmittal of materials through the IPP.  The Office would prefer that all documents associated with resubmittals be submitted through the front counter on a USB thumb drive. 

    The Development Services Office does accept resubmittals through the IPP, but please be aware that resubmittal through the IPP by itself does not assign the target date for the reviewers.  Staff has three days to review what has been submitted to assure that all requested information is in the resubmittal package.  Incomplete resubmittals will not be reviewed until all requested information is submitted. ​

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