Drainage Permit

If your project creates more than 2,000 square feet of new impervious area, or changes the existing drainage pattern on the property, a drainage permit is required.

For an explanation of the Drainage Permit requirements see our brochure.

What is needed to make an application for a Drainage Permit? Copies of the following items are required to be submitted digitally by bringing PDF copies to the Permit Center on a thumb drive.

  • Drainage plans, sized 24”x36”, and prepared by a Licensed Civil Engineer. The County’s Standard Cover Sheet should be used in the plan preparation, with PDF and DWG formatted templates linked. Erosion Control Plans, including 24”x36” copies of the Erosion Control Template EC-1 and Erosion Control Template EC-2, shall be included in the plan set.
  • Drainage Calculations prepared by a Licensed Civil Engineer.
  • The minimum Drainage Permit Fee. If Staff hours exceed the minimum fees collected additional funds will be required at the time of permit issuance.
  • Acknowledgement and Agreements form must be signed and submitted with your application.
  • Signed Copy of the Disturbed Area Calculation for sites draining to San Francisco Bay or LID Worksheet for sites draining to Monterey Bay.

The approved drainage plan will be sealed with an APPROVED stamp and placed in the record. Drainage improvements must be inspected and approved by the Land Development Engineering Inspector.

For additional information, see our Drainage Manual​.​

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