Grading Permit

After your project has received Grading Approval from the Planning Office, you are authorized to apply for a Grading Permit.  If you do not have Grading Approval for your project, please apply to the Planning Office for​ Grading Approval.

What is needed to make an application for a Grading Permit?  Copies of the following items are required to be submitted digitally by bringing PDF copies to the Permit Center on a USB thumb drive.​

  • ​Development Services Intake Form, fully executed for all appropriate declarations.
  • Grading / Improvement Plans, sized 24”x36”, and prepared by a California Licensed Civil Engineer.  The County’s Standard Cover Sheet should be used in the plan preparation, with PDF and DWG formatted templates linked.  Erosion Control Plans, including 24”x36” copies of the Erosion Control Template EC-1 and Erosion Control Template EC-2, shall be included in the plan set. 
  • Engineers Estimate of Probable Construction Cost prepared by a California Licensed Civil Engineer. 
  • Drainage Calculations prepared by a Licensed Civil Engineer. 
  • Acknowledgement and Agreements Form, fully executed. 
  • Signed Copy of the C3 Questionnaire for sites draining to San Francisco Bay or LID Worksheet for sites draining to Monterey Bay.
  • Disturbed Area Certification
  • Soils Report 
  • Preliminary Title Report 
  • Signed Acceptance of the Conditions of Approval Sheet  
  • If required in the Conditions of Approval, the following items are also required on the initial submittal: 
    • ​Easement Dedication Plat and Description 
    • Covenant of Easement Plat and Description 
    • FEMA “No Rise” Certificate 
    • FEMA “ No Adverse Impact” Certificate 
  • ​Grading Plan Check Fee​ based upon the Engineers Estimate of Probable Construction Cost.  If Staff hours exceed the minimum fees collected, additional funds will be required at the time of permit issuance.  

The following additional requirements may be required prior to issuance of a grading permit.

A Stormwater Control Plan may be required. Check the Clean Water Questionnaire to help you determine what stormwater requirements apply to your project. 

For projects that include grading that is determined to be hazardous, the property owner is required to provide financial security in the form of a performance bond for the permitted grading improvements.  If a performance bond is required the property owner will need to read and sign the Land Development Agreement

For projects requiring the dedication of storm drain easement(s), and/or a Deferred Annexation Agreement, and/or Deferred Improvement Agreement, the Dedication for Storm Drainage Purposes, Deferred Annexation Agreement, and/or Deferred Improvement Agreement dedication documents must be signed and notarized and include a legal description, and plat prepared by a California Licensed Land Surveyor. 

If your project has a condition of approval requiring a deferred annexation agreement, please follow the instructions to complete the agreement. 

The approved Grading/Improvement Plan will be sealed with an APPROVED stamp and placed in the record.  Improvements must be inspected and approved by the Land Development Engineering Inspector prior to Final Approval. 



Private property that is damaged by a landslide, flood, earthquake or other natural calamity and the damage poses an immediate danger to public health or safety may request an Emergency Grading Permit.  Copies of the following emboldened items are required to be submitted digitally by bringing PDF copies to the Permit Center on a USB thumb drive.  Submit the following to Land Development Engineering: 

The Emergency Grading Permit is valid for 30 days. After the work is completed submit the final report and as-built plans to Land Development Engineering.​​​​​

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