Lot Merger

The lot merger procedure is intended to provide for the merger of two or more contiguous lots.

Application of permit

Master Application Form



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Checklist [updated 2019 January 04]



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Plans must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, sheet size 18”x 24” minimum to 24”x36” maximum.  Plans shall be folded to 9 x 12 inch size.   When additional applications are concurrently being filed (e.g., grading permit, design review), submittal items need not be duplicated.


  • If any deed(s) includes an exception or more than one lot, parcel or description, the applicant must note on the deed which parcels, lots, descriptions or exceptions pertain to the lot merger.
  • Each copy of the deed must include the entire deed, with no pages missing.  The copies of the deeds must be clearly readable, with recording dates and numbers clearly shown.
  • Professional assistance maybe required for deed research and document preparation.


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Ordinance Provisions



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Fee Schedule


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