Online Fire Marshal Office Permits

NOTE: The County of Santa Clara, Permit Center is only accepting electronic Fire Marshal submittals, as paper plan sets cannot be reviewed at this time.

  1. A public user account in the InSite Public Portal will be required to complete the application process, to make payment and upload documents.
    1. To create a user account, see Santa Clara County InSite Public User Manual. Note the public user account email on the Intake form.
  2. Login to the InSite Public Portal with the user account and Create Development Application.
    1. Select “Application Request” and submit:
      1. A completed application.
        1. Fire Protection System Permit Application
          1. Minor System Modification​​​
        2. Hazardous Materials Permit Application
        3. Fireworks Permit Application
        4. Special Event/Tent Application
        5. Tent/Canopy Application
      2. A complete Plan Set, no larger than 100 MB.
      3. Set of Spec Sheets, Calcs, or any additional supporting documents.

  3. Documents MUST comply with the Construction & Hazardous Materials Permits, Digital Submittal Requirements, and Naming Conventions.
    1. To upload digital documents, see “How to Submit the Documents Electronically” worksheet.
  4. A Permit Technician will verify completeness of submittal, create a permit application number, and provide access to the invoice for payment, within 72 business hours.

Additional Notes:

  • An e-mailed application for a permit is not a permit.
  • If a notification is not received within 72 business hours from the time the application was e-mailed to us, please email us again at [email protected].
  • This process is subject to change as improvements are implemented by the Department.

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