Planning Resubmittal Procedures

  1. Once a development application is made, comments from all subject matter experts (SMEs) and referral agencies are provided in a comprehensive incomplete letter within 30-days of an application submittal.
  1. The applicant will need to register for a public user account in the County’s InSite Public Portal to upload new/resubmitted documents, if an account wasn’t created when initially submitting an application.
    1. Instructions to create a public user account can be found at the Santa Clara County InSite Public Portal User Manual.
  1. Once all revised documents have addressed been updated and all the review comments are addressed, please contact the project planner so that a resubmittal appointment can be scheduled through a Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) videoconference application. Do not email the resubmittal materials to the project planner.
  1. Resubmittal materials should incorporate the following:
    1. A response letter addressing each incomplete comment;
    2. An electronic resubmittal packet in accordance with Digital Submittal Requirements;
    3. File names must comply with Naming Convention (see page numbers 12-21 for Planning documents); and
    4. One comprehensive plan set (combined as one pdf - the County cannot digitally slip-sheet pages).
  1. During the MS Teams meeting, the applicant is expected to present the project resubmittal materials. If materials are not complete, multiple meetings may be necessary.
  1. Once the materials are acceptable and ready for resubmittal intake, the planner will request the applicant to upload documents onto the InSite Public Portal within 48 hours (2 business days) after the resubmittal appointment. The 30-day review period will begin once the documents are uploaded on to the Public Portal.

    Please note that additional fees that may be due will be discussed in the resubmittal meeting and will be invoiced into the InSite Public Portal to allow for payment at the time resubmittal documents are uploaded. Fees can be paid using e-check or credit card. See information on how to make online payments.

Additional Notes:

  • E-mailed applications for a permit are not an official permit submittal and will not be processed.
  • The resubmittal process is not for emergency permits. See County website for Emergency Permit submittals.
  • This process is subject to change as improvements are implemented by the Department

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