The subdivision procedure provides for the division of land for the purposes of sale, lease, or financing.



Application of permit



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Pre-Application Checklist 

[updated 2021 September 8]
A pre-application is required to be submitted before before the application can be submitted. The pre-application will be reviewed by Subject Matter Experts and the Planner will schedule a pre-application meeting with the applicant to discuss the project. 


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[updated 2021 September 8​​]


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Plans must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, sheet size 18”x 24” minimum to 24”x36” maximum.  Plans shall be folded to 9 x 12 inch size.  

Additional Information and Materials that May be Required

General Plan Conformance and Contiguity/ Annexation Form (1 copy)

Required if subject parcel is located within a city's urban service area. 

Slope-Density Calculation Form   (1 copy)

If the zoning designation's minimum lot size is based on slope-density, calculations by engineer or surveyor must be submitted when necessary to determine minimum lot size.

CEQA Exemption Form  (1 copy)

Certain classes of project may qualify for exemption from the environmental assessment (CEQA) process.  An additional fee is required. 

Geologic Report  (2 copy, plus pdf)

Consult with County Geologist prior to filing application to determine whether a geologic report will be required.  Submittal must include one wet-signed paper document and one electronic document in Adobe pdf format (on CD or DVD).  An additional fee is required for geologic report review.  See also geologic hazards page.

Septic System Plan

If a septic system is existing or proposed, the site must be field-evaluated by a Department of Environmental Health (DEH) representative.  One copy of the site plan should be stamped and signed by the DEH representative.  See also DEH site

Early Notification and Outreach Policy

Certain types of projects are subject to the Department’s Early Notification and Outreach Policy based on project scope. If the project is subject to the Policy, outreach tools such as signs and mailed notices will be required. For certain projects a community meeting may also be required.

Inclusionary Housing

If the proposed subdivision results in three or more units, submit a site plan showing all adjacent property owner land holdings and the collective development potential of these land holdings. Submit an Affordable Housing Plan (AHP) for projects that are subject to Inclusionary Housing Requirements. See the Inclusionary Housing Guidelines for further guidance.

Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination

Required if subject parcel is under a Williamson Act contract.  It is strongly suggested that this determination be applied for and resolved prior to ASA application submittal.  An additional fee is required. 

Identification of Potential Historic Resources (Part I and Part II forms)

If the project includes demolition of structures 50 years or older, submit a completed and signed Identification of Properties for Potential Historic Significance forms, a copy of the Santa Clara County Residential Unit Property Record (available from the County Assessor’s Office, 5th Floor) for the subject property and photographs of each elevation of the subject structure and any related structures or associated features. Please note that the 50-year age reference is a discretionary guideline; there are circumstances where a property less than 50 years old may be potentially significant.

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan-Coverage Screening Form

If the subject property is located within the Habitat Plan Permit Area, submit a completed Coverage Screening Form. The Coverage Screening Form will assist in determining if the proposed project is classified as a “covered project” under the Plan. If the project is identified as a “covered project” per the Screening Form, submit the Fees and Conditions Worksheet with the application.

Fire Protection Information

  • Total square footage of largest proposed structure (include attached and detached garages and accessory structures).
  • Type of construction per California Building Code of all existing and proposed structures.
  • Water source (name of water provider or new mutual water company).
  • If the source of water is a new water mutual, show the location and capacity of existing or proposed aboveground water tank(s), and means of delivering water at required pressure (e.g., fire pump or gravity).
  • Hydrants: Show type (wharf or standard) and location of closest available or proposed hydrant(s)
  • Private Access Road/Driveways: Show drivable width, vertical clearance, surface, load-bearing capacity, turning radii, percent grade, turnarounds, turnouts and bridges.
  • If the property is in area designated State Response Area or High to Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (Wildland Urban Interface); the following are required:
    • Will serve letter from fire district to demonstrate structural fire protection and services are available
    • Ingress and egress for fire equipment access demonstrated on plans for the tentative subdivision map.

Clean Water Program (CWP) Questionnaire

Pursuant to the Federal Clean Water Act, the NPDES Municipal Storm Water Discharge Permit issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and County Nonpoint Source Pollution Ordinance, the County requires storm water treatment measures and pesticide use reduction measures for certain types of projects. A CWP questionnaire is required if your project is both: (1) located within the San Francisco Bay Watershed, and (2) is not an individual single family home. The questionnaire assists the Land Development Engineering Section in determining whether the project will require storm water treatment measures.

Stanford University

Submit one copy of the Stanford University General Use Permit Project Checklist (8½ x 11) signed by a Stanford University LUEP Planner. Incorporate the completed checklist into the project plan set submittal.

Mailing Labels (1 set)

Required if subject property is located within 300 feet of the exterior boundary of Santa Clara County.

Other Reports and Studies

Depending on location, development intensity and site characteristics, additional reports (e.g. arborist, biology, archaeology, noise) may be required.


  • If any deed(s) includes an exception or more than one lot, parcel or description, the applicant must note on the deed which parcels, lots, descriptions or exceptions pertain to the lot-line adjustment.
  • Each copy of the deed must include the entire deed, with no pages missing.  The copies of the deeds must be clearly readable, with recording dates and numbers clearly shown.
  • Professional assistance maybe required for deed research and document preparation.

Subdivision Pre-Application (Mandatory) 

  • 7 Tentative Maps
  • 1 Assessor's Parcel Map
  • 1 General Plan Conformance and Contiguity/ Annexation Form (if applicable)
  • 1 Slope-Density Calculation (if applicable)


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