Easement and Right-of-Way Abandonment

Easement and Right-of-Way Abandonment Procedures

County Surveyor's Office processes applications for abandonment of private rights of way (easements) for public access, emergency access, public utilities, storm drainage, etc.

Applications for abandonment of rights of way for publicly owned or maintained roads are received and processed by the Department of Roads and Airports.

The minimum fee for an application to abandon a private right of way ranges for $4,247 - $ 5,178 if it needs to be coordinated with a Land Development project review, as established by a resolution of the Board of Supervisors.

Applications require the submittal of a one-page application form, a plat map, and a legal description of the property. The Surveyor's Office sends out copies of each complete application for review by affected utilities, municipalities, special districts, etc. After approval is received from the referral agencies, a public hearing is scheduled before the Board of Supervisors. Some types of abandonments require two public hearings, pursuant to State Law. The requirements for considering abandonments are established by State Law and County policy.​

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