CCRWQCB Riparian Setback Area (San Martin)

Pursuant to requirements of the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, The County of  Santa Clara has amended its Clean Water ordinance code (Division B11.5) to include stream and riparian vegetation setback requirements for construction activities in the San Martin area.

Applicable Area:

NPDES Phase II Permit Riparian Setback Applicability (see map below).

Setback Requirements:

Minimum 30-foot riparian setback from top of stream bank or riparian vegetation (see GIS4All Tabs – ‘Clean Water’>’Central Coast Special Riparian Setback Areas’).

Covered Activities:

Construction activities that have the potential to result in ground disturbance.

Exempt Activities:

Maintenance activities, reconstruction of a legally established structure within the existing footprint, utility and trail work conducted by public agencies, construction or maintenance of stream crossings in public rights-of-way.

NPDES Phase II Permit Riparian Setback Applicability

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