San Martin Commercial and Industrial Use Permit Areas Rezoning Project


The Planning Office is proposing a zoning change to lands in the Commercial and Industrial Use Permit Areas (Use Permit Areas) in San Martin to more precisely correspond to and implement the General Plan. The Use Permit Areas provide for the establishment and conduct of commercial and light industrial uses, consistent with the General Plan, that are not otherwise allowed under the Rural Residential General Plan land use designation. These Use Permit Areas and allowable use policies have existed since the adoption of the 1980 General Plan Land Use Element Map, and were refined by amendments in 1982.

The project has been referred back to the Planning Commission for consideration of Zoning Amendments to Chapter 2.20 regarding Emergency Shelters as an allowed use in the San Martin Use Permit Areas. It will be heard on October 26, 2017.

Proposed Zoning Changes

The proposed changes involve (a) the creation of an overlay or “-sm Combining Zoning District” that would apply to all lands within the Use Permit Areas, and (b) zoning map amendments to apply the “-sm” zone to those lands and eliminate the use of the A1, General Use zoning district. The base district would change from A1 to RR, Rural Residential, consistent with the General Plan Rural Residential land use designation.

For example, a property within the Use Permit Areas that is presently zone A1-5ac. would be rezoned to RR-5ac.-sm.

An informational mailer has been prepared and distributed with the public hearing notices for the July 27, 2017 Planning Commission meeting, as well as a Staff Report and Presentation. Additional information is contained in the staff presentation for San Martin Planning Advisory Committee (SMPAC) and Planning Commission for June 22, 2017, and a staff report.


The process for considering and adopting zoning changes involves public outreach and information, Planning Commission hearing(s) to provide a formal recommendation to the Board of Supervisors, and adoption hearing(s) before the Board of Supervisors. SMPAC also meets prior to the Planning Commission meeting and considers its recommendation to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Staff has also informed the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance and kept its board apprised of the project.

For more information about the project, contact Leza Mikhail, Principal Planner/Zoning Administrator, at 408-299-5749.

Property Lists and Map

All affected properties wholly or partially within the Use Permit Areas. Map of affected areas.​​

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