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    A reporting tool designed to provide useful information about a parcel's location, jurisdiction, General Plan designation, Zoning, and other data of interest. 

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    We are now accepting online resubmittals, and have a Pilot Program for New Online Application submittals.


    To serve the residents of Santa Clara County by ensuring safe construction, quality sustainable land development, and protection of the natural resources through the fair and equitable application and enforcement of County policies, ordinances, and regulations, while providing excellent customer service through our four core values:

    • Be knowledgeable
    • Be Accountable - Take Responsibility
    • Be proactive - Seek Solutions
    • Be empathetic, respectful, and responsive

    What is a better place? The community's vision for a better place is presented in the County General Plan. This vision is to achieve:

    • Managed, balanced growth

    • Livable communities

    • Responsible resource conservation, and

    • Social and economic well-being

    Countywide Planning and Coord​ination

    Santa Clara County encompasses 15 cities and approximately 1.7 million people. Planning problems don't stop at arbitrary city limit or county lines. The County Planning Office provides a comprehensive, coordinated perspective in dealing with countywide land use issues.

    Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation

    The natural resources of Santa Clara County are important to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and contribute substantially to the quality of life here. The Planning Office strives to ensure that natural resources are preserved by conditioning development projects, by implementing County Ordinances, and through resource planning projects.

    Information for Public and Private Decision Making

    Plans for the future must be based on accurate and meaningful information about the present. The Planning Office provides decision makers, private organizations, investors, land owners and developers with land use, environmental and demographic information so that they can make informed decisions.

    Public Involvement

    Public decision making must reflect the community's shared vision for a better place. The Planning Office uses a variety of means to involve the public in County planning issues.

    Public Health & Safety

    The Planning Office promotes public health and safety by enforcing local ordinances and requiring sound development practices for new developments.

    Consensus Building and Conflict Resolution

    The diversity of interests within Santa Clara County often raise differing perspectives when it comes to land use policy. The Planning Office seeks to resolve public policy conflicts by building consensus among major stakeholders though interest-based decision-making processes.

    Neighborhood Preservation

    Santa Clara County is made up of many unique neighborhoods and subregions, each with its own historic, visual, or environmental character. The Planning Office works to ensure that these neighborhoods retain the qualities that make them special.

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