Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program


Section 21081.6 of the California Public Resources Code requires that all state and local agencies establish a monitoring or reporting program whenever approval of a project relies upon a mitigated negative declaration or an environmental impact report (EIR).

The Stanford University 2000 Community Plan/General Use Permit/EIR contains the mitigation monitoring and reporting program adopted by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors in December of 2000. The mitigation requirements contained in this EIR were incorporated into the Stanford General Use Permit, also adopted in December of 2000. Annual reports are provided to update the public on the mitigation monitoring and reporting program.

Available Documents

The documents listed below provide background information on the environmental mitigation requirements and status of Stanford's compliance with the required conditions. For additional information on the EIR or other Stanford documents, go to the Stanford University Plans, Reports, and Documents page.

MMRP Documents


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