Permanente Quarry: Reclamation Plan Amendments

2019 Reclamation Plan Amendment for Quarry Expansion (File PLN19-0106)

Project Description:

On May 22, 2019, Lehigh submitted an application to replace their 2012 Reclamation Plan. This proposed Reclamation Plan Amendment would complete replace the existing Reclamation Plan, and includes the following significant modifications:

  • Retain in place the overburden material currently stored in the West Materials Storage Area (“WMSA”) rather than use it to backfill the main quarry pit. Instead Lehigh proposed to backfill the pit with clean fill (approximately 20 million cubic yards) which will be trucked in from off-site. This would require approximately 600 new truck trips per day, five days a week for the next 30 year, depending on available supply.
  • Decrease the lower ridge crest along a portion of the North Quarry highwall by approximately 100 feet, necessitating modification of the 1972 Ridgeline Protection Easement held by the County.
  • Expand the reclamation plan area by 73.4 acres, increasing the total reclamation plan area from 1,238.6 acres to 1,312 acres. Additionally, the operator proposes to expand mining activities into a new 30-acre area, referred to as the “Rock Plant Reserve”.
  • Use an existing Pacific Gas & Electric, Co. utility access road, or establish a new haul road between Leigh and Stevens Creek Quarry (“Utility Haul Road”)*.
  • Reclaim an approximately 3,600-foot segment of the existing Plant Quarry Road and adjacent areas.

*This aspect of the project was proposed under the separate Utility Road Reclamation Plan Amendment Application, File No. PLN19-0067, which has been withdrawn and incorporated into PLN19-0106.

Project Status:

Lehigh’s proposed Reclamation Plan Amendment (RPA) is currently undergoing environmental review through the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The County is currently in the process of finalizing the scope and bid for the EIR. Once the scope and bid have been finalized, the County will prepare and circulate a Notice of Preparation (NOP) and post the NOP to the project website. The County provides periodic updates to interested members of the community. If you are interested in receiving information from the County about this project, please consider signing up to be added to the Lehigh Interested parties list.

Project Materials:

2019 Reclamation Plan Amendment for Utility Road (Superseded/combined with PLN19-0106)

2018 Minor Reclamation Plan Amendment for Haul Road - Superseded


2013 Reclamation Plan Amendment - Withdrawn

2012 Reclamation Plan Amendment for Permanente Quarry

2011 Reclamation Plan Amendment for Permanente Quarry (File No. 2250-13-66-10P/M1) 

2010 Reclamation Plan Amendment for Permanente Quarry - Superseded (File No. 2250-13-66-10P) 

Lehigh applied for an amendment to the 1985 Permanente Quarry Reclamation Plan.  

2009 Reclamation Plan Amendment for Permanente Quarry - East Materials Storage Area (File No. 2250-13-66-09P) 

Lehigh (Hanson) applied for an amendment to the 1985 Permanente Quarry Reclamation Plan to include an approximately 89-acre area to be used for overburden storage identified as the East Materials Storage Area (EMSA).  This amendment proposes to place approximately 6.5 million tons (approximately 4.8 million cubic yards) of overburden fill over an approximately six-year period. 

2007 Reclamation Plan Amendment for Permanente Quarry (File 2250-13-66-07P)

The Permanente Quarry Comprehensive Reclamation Plan Amendment, submitted in 2007, has been superseded by a revised application submitted on May 28, 2010. This application can be viewed at the County Planning Office. 

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