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County of Santa Clara and SolarApp+ provide near instant PV Solar permits for Residential Rooftop systems.

  • Automated code compliance review eliminates the need for plan submittals and reviews
  • After you receive your approval document from SolarApp+ simply login to the County’s Insite Public Portal, complete the application process, upload your SolarApp+ approval document, pay the permit fee, and your permit will be issued.
  • A $25 fee is required that is paid directly to SolarAPP+ which is paid directly to SolarAPP+ during the SolarApp+ submittal portion of the process (This $25 fee is not paid to the County, it is paid to SolarAPP+ to support and maintain their system)

Current requirements to use the SolarApp+ system

  • For the initial launch of SolarApp+, the County is only accepting residential roof top pv solar projects that don’t include batteries or electrical service upgrades (If an electrical service upgrade is required you can obtain a separate permit for the electrical service)
  • A contractor’s license is required to use SolarApp+

Installation and Inspection Process for PV Solar projects using SolarAPP+

  • Once the permit is issued you can complete the installation
  • When you are ready use the Mobile Inspection App to request your inspection (use inspection code “FI01 Project Complete” (more information about the inspection process
  • After you have scheduled your inspection, you will need to print out a hard copy of the SolarAPP+ approval document. You will provide this to the building inspector, and it will serve as an inspection checklist.
  • If you need to make changes to your project after it's been approved, you must resubmit the project through SolarApp+ and then through the Insite public portal.


CONTRACTORS - How to use the SolarAPP+ Permitting and Inspection Tool

Learn More about how the U.S Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory use automated permit processing to accelerate the transition of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Requesting Building Inspections

Information on scheduling and preparing for Building Inspection​

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