Mobile Inspection App Inspection Types

The following list of inspections that may be requested to be done virtually:

  • Finals inspections to verify smoke detector and carbon monoxide affidavits
  • Reroofs –progress and final
  • Water Heaters
  • Voluntary Seismic upgrade for single-story residential structures
  • Swimming pool pre-deck
  • Swimming pool pre-plaster
  • Water service
  • Re-inspection of minor correction items (2nd ground rod, vacuum breakers, etc.)
  • Furnace/AC (The contractor must be present)
  • Shower pan/tub/lath
  • Property line cleanout
  • Underground electrical
  • Stucco Lath
  • Drywall (sheetrock) nailing for any NON-fire rated assemblies (commercial or residential)
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Kitchen remodel (roughs and finals)
  • New/replacement sewer (trench or trenchless)
  • Bathroom remodel (roughs and finals)
  • Temporary power pole service
  • Septic tank abandonment

IMPORTANT NOTE: The inspector assigned to the inspection will make the final determination as to whether a virtual inspection may be done. Inspectors may determine that an in-person inspection is required. You will be notified by the inspector on the morning of the inspection, either by phone or email on how the inspection will be conducted.​


Inspections and Inspection Requests

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