General Plan and Zoning Updates Regarding Local-Serving Uses in Rural Districts

The Board of Supervisors' approved minor modifications to local-serving General Plan and Zoning Ordinance policy provisions to establish objective standards for regulating local-serving uses in rural areas. They were adopted by the Board on October 20, 2015, and went into effect November 19, 2015.

The item was presented to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor’s at the October 20, 2015 hearing.

The Board of Supervisors required a one-year report back through the Planning Commission when adopting in October 2015 the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance Amendments related to the local-serving policy provisions and standards. These will be heard by the Planning Commissions in two hearings, the first of which was on July 28, 2016, and the second meeting will be on August 25, 2016. 

For additional information or questions, please contact Michael Meehan, at (408) 299-5775.

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