Stanford University

Aerial view of the Stanford campus

Stanford University occupies 8,180 acres of land, with approximately 50% of that land being under the jurisdiction of Santa Clara County. The 2000 Stanford University Community Plan and 2000 General Use Permit are the governing documents that guide land-use and development within the unincorporated lands of Stanford University.



Stanford Community Plan Update

The County of Santa Clara is updating the Stanford University Community Plan​ (“Community Plan”). Visit the project website to sign up for updates, learn more about the project, view meetings and submit your comments.



Contact Information

  • For project-specific questions, go to the Stanford Construction Projects site.
  • To register a noise complaint, call the Stanford Noise Hotline at (650) 724-4900
  • To review a project file, visit the County Planning Office.
  • For policy questions, contact Charu Ahluwalia.



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