Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan - A Conservation Legacy

Overlooking a hillside and town at the bottom

The County of Santa Clara, along with the cities of San Jose, Morgan Hill and Gilroy, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, and Santa Clara Valley Water District, has initiated a collaborative process to prepare and manage a Habitat Conservation Plan/ Natural Communities Conservation Plan, officially named "Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan -- A Conservation Legacy." The goal of this plan is to provide for the conservation of endangered/ threatened species, thereby contributing to their recovery while allowing for compatible and appropriate development to occur.

For more information, go to the SCV Habitat Agency official site.

Habitat Plan Forms

Santa Clara County Habitat Plan Application ​Checklist​


Habitat Plan Applications are now submitted online

If you are proposing a development project that is covered by the Habitat Conservation Plan, please follow the steps below to submit an application online.

  1. Go to the Santa Clara County Habitat Plan webpage for private applicants
  2. Click “application for private projects”
  3. Follow the prompts on the form and fill out all the required information
  4. EMAIL/CALL your project planner to let them know you’ve submitted the application online.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from the system that your application has been received.
  6. Once the planner reviews their application, they will provide any comments in your development permit (DEV record for grading or building). The applicant will get a notice that revisions are needed in an automated email from HCP Agency and in the permit comment letter (a.k.a the DEV record).
  7. Applicant will click the link provided in the email notice to get them back into the application to revise their application.
  8. One the application is revised and approved by Planning; Planning will send the application to the HCP agency for review
  9. Once Agency reviews and approves the application, Planning will invoice the appropriate fees through the DEV record (grading or building permit) in Accela.
a flow chart of the Habitat Plan review process

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