Permanente Quarry: Draft EIR

Amendment to the 1985 Permanente Quarry Reclamation Plan to reclaim the mined lands of the Permanente Quarry in a manner suitable for future open space uses within the next 20 years. The mined lands comprise approximately 1,238 acres (RPA Area) within the Applicant’s overall 3,510-acre ownership, and include the Quarry Pit, two overburden piles referred to as the EMSA and WMSA, Crusher/Quarry Offices, Surge Pile, Rock Plant, a mining exploration area south of Permanente Creek, and an area adjacent to and within Permanente Creek corridor. The reclamation activities include stabilization of mined slopes, re-vegetation, installation of storm water detention, and removal of mining material from the Permanente Creek corridor.

Location: Western foothills of Santa Clara County approximately two miles west of the intersection of Interstate 280 and Highway 85, Cupertino.

 Dec 2011 D​raft EIR

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