Development Permit Revisions & Deferred Submittals


The Department of Planning & Development is only accepting electronic submittals, as paper plan sets cannot be reviewed at this time.

  1. Login to the InSite Public Portal and Create Development Application.
    1. Select “Application Request” and submit:
      1. A completed Development (Building and Grading) Permit Application form. Be sure to reference the original permit number and the scope of the revision.
      2. Digital revised sheets which Must have all changes clouded and must comply with Digital Submittal Requirements.
        NOTE: If the revision includes additions or changes to architectural features to original permitted scope of work, a Planning Clearance, New Title Sheet, Rebuild Calculations, and additional review fees may be required.
      3. Any applicable supplemental documents such as Calcs, Spec Sheets, or any additional supporting documents.
  2. A Permit Technician will verify completeness of submittal and provide access to the invoice for payment of review fees associated with the revision or deferred submittal within 2 business days.


Additional Notes:

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