Where Can I Build on My Property?

Building Setbacks

  • Building setbacks and height limitations for residential buildings vary by zoning district. Different standards apply to accessory buildings and structures (§ 4.20.020 Accessory Buildings and Structures), which include detached garages, sheds, barns, carports, patio covers, and trellises, solar or wind energy systems, water tanks, and light poles and flag poles. Structures such as carports, patio covers, and trellises that are attached to homes or “granny units” must meet the same height, setback, and separation requirements as the buildings they are attached to.

Parking and Driveways



  • The presence of a flood plains on a property can affect the location and design of structures (see Floodplain Development). It may also have an impact as to other uses a property may support.

Optional Site Review

  • The pre-screening process is an optional review for property owners, architects, engineers and developers that provides preliminary project evaluation by County agency staff prior to application submittal.

For more information, see our Zoning Ordinance​.​​​

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