Photovoltaic / Solar Permits and Guidelines

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The County of Santa Clara and SolarApp+ provide near instant PV Solar permits for Residential Rooftop systems. See if you qualify.

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Are you looking for ways to reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money on your energy bills in the long run? Solar thermal and solar electric energy generation are becoming an increasingly popular and viable way to do all this and more.

Solar power is an important part of the Santa Clara County Climate Change & Sustainability Program. We are committed to using renewable energy at County facilities and encourage homeowners, business owners and other entities with the unincorporated areas of the county to do the same.

Below is information about the kind and size of system is appropriate for your building, rebates and incentives, suppliers, contractors and much more.

Permits for PV Applications

Requirements for the PV submittal process:

  • Single Family Residential – in Unincorporated Santa Clara County
  • Flush Roof-Mount systems
  • Small systems (10 kW or less)

Permit Application.

Permit Information for Solar/PV Permits

Photovoltaic Permit Application Guidelines

Photovoltaic Inspection Checklist

Solar PV Signage Requirements:

Residential Solar Systems

County Program for Commercial Solar Facilities

In November 2010, the Board of Supervisors approved an update to the County's Zoning Ordinance to specifically address Commercial Solar Systems.

For more information contact Leza Mikhail.


Note: The solar insolation (kWh/m2/day) values on these maps is somewhat different from values shown on maps available though the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and other sources. The Planning Office calculated the values shown on these maps by factoring in terrain and southern exposure.

Resources & Links

Financing, Rebates & Incentives

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