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Requesting Building Inspections During The Covid-19 Shelter in Place Order

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**NEW** Advisory Regarding Revised COVID-19 Mandatory Directive for Construction​

For Building Department inquiries and questions, call (408) 299-5700

The DPD will provide construction and building inspections services in compliance with the Public Health Orders.​

In addition to implementing the protocols above you must complete the Covid-19 infrastructure COVID-19 Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers form​ and have it completed and available when your inspector arrives. The inspector will review the document for completeness and add it to your permit record.

The Office of Building Inspection ensures that buildings are compliant with current code in order to maintain a safe community standard. This is accomplished with professional plan checking, building inspection and investigation of substandard structures.

1. The form is not a fillable PDF version, but one that CAN be downloaded and used. 

2. FEMA has not released a date for when the new form MUST be used by.

3. To be perfectly clear, for CRS purposes, you may use EITHER the old or the new form until we hear otherwise from FEMA. 

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Michael Alvarez
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Rick Gomes​

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